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October 4, 2013

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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
October 13, 2013 – January 20, 2014

John Singer Sargent, 'Pomegranates' (1908)

John Singer Sargent
“Pomegranates” (1908)
Photo: Brooklyn Museum

A repeat of the exhibition given at the Brooklyn Museum earlier this year, including holdings from there and from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, shown together for the first time. Not to be missed.

This large selection of Sargent’s watercolors is an autobiography in paint and demonstrates Sargent’s varied talents and the steady and subtle development of them. The subjects are varied and trace many of the artist’s journeys abroad.

John Singer Sargent, 'Via di Marlia, Lucca: A Fountain' (1910)

John Singer Sargent
“Via di Marlia, Lucca: A Fountain” (1910)
The Hayden Collection—Charles Henry Hayden Fund.
Image: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Sargent is best known for his masterful portraits in oil, but the less formal watercolors have a leisurely and sometimes playful quality that the oil portraits lack. While the oil portraits articulately and subtly tell the stories of others, the more intimate watercolors tell Sargent’s own story more vividly.

From the vast range of paintings in this exhibition, one gets to see not only what Sargent saw in his various comings and goings, but how his way of seeing developed over time.

A post on the Brooklyn Museum show from the spring.

– BADMan

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